Messier 85 and NGC 3494

Here is an image of  Messier 85 (also known as M85 or NGC 4382 ) is a lenticular galaxy, or elliptical galaxy, in the Coma Berenices constellation. It is 60 million light-years away, and it is estimated to be 125,000 light-years across.

M85 is extremely poor in neutral hydrogen and has a very complex outer structure with shells and ripples that are thought to have been caused by a merger with another galaxy that took place between 4 and 7 billion years ago. It's still interacting with the nearby spiral galaxy NGC 4394, and a small elliptical galaxy called MCG 3-32-38.

"Stellar Winds Observatory" a/k/a Stan Watson Observatory at Dark Sky New Mexico

Planewave  24"

SBIG 16803

Planewave H200

LRGB, 525,375,330,375