Messier 49 in Virgo

"M49 is a large elliptical galaxy with a tenuous diffuse tidal shell structure. With a magnitude of 9, it is easily observable by visual observers. It is located 56 million light years away and forms a magnificent if unappreciated galaxy group.

One of the many members of the Virgo Cluster, M49 is a giant elliptical galaxy with a size of 157,000 light years. It is home to an estimated 6000 globular clusters, which seem to be found in greater abundance in elliptical galaxies.

M49 is interacting with the blue dwarf galaxy UGC 7636 below and to the left of it. This is visually illustrated by a diffuse tidal plume to the north of it stretching towards the direction of M49. The tidal plume has a size of approximately 100,000 x 20,000 light years. M49 was also included by the late Halton Arp in his Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies as Arp 134."

Description and Labeled version by "Sakib Rasool"

"Stellar Winds Observatory" a/k/a Stan Watson Observatory at Dark Sky New Mexico

Planewave  17" LRGB, 1060,320,320,320



Labeled by "Sakib Rasool"

Labeled by "Sakib Rasool"