NGC 5198


"Located south of the Whirlpool Galaxy in the sky, NGC 5198 is a seemingly ordinary elliptical galaxy that was discovered in 1787 by William Herschel. Deep images however reveal a recently discovered tidal tail in addition to an outer tidal shell. The length of the tidal tail is approximately 300,000 light years and is the remains of a small galaxy that has been absorbed by NGC 5198. The linear nature of the tidal tail is indicative of a recent collision with a previous companion or satellite galaxy, which has been tidally disrupted by the larger galaxy."

Description by Sakib Rasool

Telescope: Planewave 17" f6.7 on a Planewave HD Mount.

Camera: SBIG 16803 and Apogee U16m

Location: Stellar Winds Observatory at DSNM, Animas, New Mexico

Exposure: 1000min Luminance, 300 of each RGB and 420 HA