Labeled by "Sakib Rasool"

Labeled by "Sakib Rasool"

NGC 4365 Galaxy Cluster

"Explanation by Sakib Rasool"

"NGC 4365 is an elliptical galaxy that anchors a small group of galaxies. A remarkable aspect of this giant elliptical galaxy that can't be discerned optically is its counter-rotating core, which rotates in the opposite direction to the rest of the galaxy. It has a distance of 75 million light years and measurements of its recessional velocity show it to lie about 20 million light years behind the Virgo Cluster.

Although difficult to see is a faint tidal tail that is the product of an interaction with the galaxy NGC 4342. It is likely to be composed of stars and globular clusters that have been tidally stripped from NGC 4342.

Another interesting galaxy is NGC 4370, which is located above and to the left of NGC 4365. Once considered rare, it is part of a class of galaxy known as dust lane ellipticals."

"Stellar Winds Observatory" a/k/a Stan Watson Observatory at Dark Sky New Mexico

Planewave  17"

SBIG 16803

Planewave H200

LRGB, 1140,345,345,345