NGC 2237 Bok Globuals of the Rosette Nebula


The dark nebulae in this photo are part of a complex of Bok globules that are dark filaments of dust radiating towards the centre of the Rosette nebula (NGC 2244). The twisted helical pattern of these filaments is thought to be molded by the interplay of stellar winds, radiation and electromagnetic forces emanating from the central cluster of hot young stars. This is such a fun part of this large nebula, so many things to look at and different things going on, quite an impressive site. The Rosette nebula is located in the constellation of Monoceros approximately 6000 light years away. Processing All data was calibrated, aligned, combined in CCD Stack all other processing done using CC Photoshop and PixInsight. I spent many weeks processing this image using or trying every technique I knew and some new ones as well. Location and Equipment Taken from Rancho Hidalgo in Animas New Mexico on 12-04-15 to 12-16-15

Telescope: 24"Planewave, SBIG 16803, Planewave 200HR

Location: Stellar Winds Observatory (Rancho Hidalgo) Animas, New Mexico