Veil Nebula Simeis 3-210


Simeis 3-210 is a long, thin filament at the extreme southern end of the Veil Nebula and is virtually unknown (not listed separately in SIMBAD), although it is outlined on the U2000 and Millennium star atlases. Although much fainter than the other main sections of the Veil, Simeis 3-210 was easily picked up at 105x using an OIII filter as it passes through mag 6.4 HD 198976. This narrow strand is extended N-S at least 20' with the northern half mainly consisting of an elongated patch (~3'x1'), centered about 6' NNE of the bright star. The southern section is a very dim filament beginning at the mag 6.4 star though it brightens somewhat ~10' SSW of the star. There also appears to be some streaky, detached nebulosity just west of a mag 7.7 star further south, extending the total length to 25'-30'.

Telescope: 24" Planewave, SBIG 16803, Planewave 200HR

Location: Stellar Winds Observatory DSNM, Animas New Mexico

LRGBHAO3 LRGB 225 min each, HA 10 600min, O3 660min