"The Lost Pillar of Creation"


Most know of the "Pillars of Creation,” which is a famous image from the Hubble Space Telescope, but few know of this hidden pillar.  What a gem! This “no name” pillar is all alone in the dark shadows of the Heart and Soul Nebula. In between open cluster NGC 1024 and IC 1805, the pillar itself looks like a finger pointing to the wonderful Melotte 15 Nebula at the center of IC 1805. A beautiful, but quite faint object.

. "Sculpted by the energy of hot young stars, this starforming pillar is one example of a bright rimmed globule or "elephant trunk" structure found in the Heart Nebula. Eventually in the future, the gas in the Heart Nebula will be dispersed by the winds of the central star cluster." By Sakib Rasool

It needs long Ha exposures to really make it pop out.


Telescope: 24" Planewave, SBIG 16803, Planewave 200HR

Location: Stellar Winds Observatory DSNM, Animas New Mexico

LRGBHAO3 LRGB 340 min each, HA 690min, O3 660min